Monday, 14 November 2016

Stopping the Blockage of pop ups in iPad & Eradicating Scam Pop Ups

The fact is when you actually see the pop up on the website; it is not doing anything good to you. These can be classified as advertisements or you can also call them as the annoying compulsions for signing of the newsletters. It is your good luck that there are some web browsers that block the pop-ups by default and when this happens, you are not in a position to see many of them. But there are times when you want to see the webpage that has been blocked by the pop-up blocker. It is good in case you are following the online guide and this shall provide you the guidance to block stopping of pop ups in the safari browser on the iPad. Tech support for iPad pop-up issues can also provide the assistance in this regard.
Turning off pop-up blocker in iPad Safari browser
When you follow the steps, you shall switch off pop-up blocker for safari in a complete manner. By this, you mean the sites that make use of the bad pop ups shall not be blocked. If you disable the pop up blocker for one particular site, it is generally a good notion if you return to main menu and enable again the pop-up blocker. You can also get assistance in this particular area through customer support number for iPhone pop up because the issues related to the iPad and iPhone are almost the same in the area of pop ups. Coming back to the procedure, you have the option to open the Settings menu. In the column, you can choose the safari option and this column is located on the left side of the screen. On the right side of the pop up blocks, you can touch the button in order to prevent the blockage of pop-ups in Safari. As you turn off the button, you will not find any kind of green shading around it.
Getting rid of the scam pop ups that provide warning of IOS crash
You must have seen the pop up on iPad or iPhone saying IOS has crashed and need helpline for its fixation. But this is just a simple trick. The prime aim of these pop ups is to target the Safari browser and this particular scam is getting wider day by day. If you are interested in fixing such an issue, you need to put the iPad or iPhone in the airplane mode. For this, you have to go to the settings and then put Airplane mode switch to off position. Next, you can go to settings>Safari and then tap Clear history and website data. By double pressing home button, you can close Safari.

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