Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Method for enabling pop-up Blocker in Safari & support

If you are operating the Safari web browser on the Mac or IOS or Windows operating systems, you can enable the pop-up blocker. The fact is pop-up windows annoy many and one cannot deny this. There are modern browsers that have a method to suppress these although you cannot ignore that some of the pop-ups can be beneficial. But you are interested in suppressing many of them because these are disturbing and are interfering with your work. Apart from this, many of them come with a trick and the goal is to infuse the malicious content.
Pop-up blocker –it works
In the Safari browser of Apple, you can find the integrated pop-up blocker. You can trace it, both on Windows and Mac platforms. You can also see it on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You have also the option of enabling or disabling this particular feature after abiding by certain steps. For any kind of doubt clearance, also have the option to go for the support phone number for Apple Safari pop up and shall be satisfied with the guidance.
MacOS Sierra and Mac OS X
In the browser menu, tap on Safari and is located on the screen top. When you see the drop-down menu, select Preferences. You can also make use of the short-cut keys like Command+Comma. By doing this, the General preferences dialogue of Safari is shown and overlays the browser window. You can tap on the Security tab. By doing this, can see the Safari’s security preferences. In the section named Web content, can find the option by the name Block pop-up windows and is associated with check box. If the check box is filled, it shows the enabling of the integrated pop-up blocker of Safari. If not enabled still, just tap on the check box that is empty so that the activation procedure is accomplished. You can also take tech support services for Apple pop-ups  if you cannot do the procedure by self. For more info about Apple popup virus issues: http://christeena.inube.com/blog/5354901/get-rid-of-pop-ups-permanently-from-your-apple-device/
IOS [iPod touch, iPhone, iPad]
You can commence with the home screen of gadget by choosing the Settings icon. By this, you can see the menu of IOS settings. You can scroll down till you see choice by the name Safari. You can choose this particular option. By doing this, can see the Safari setting screen. In the general section, you shall see the option by the name Block pop-ups. With it is accompanied the on-off button and by this button, can enable or disable. By default, it can be disabled.
You can tap on Gear icon also called the action menu and this is on the corner located at the upper right hand of browser window.

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