Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pop-ups and Customer Assistance to Satisfactory Level

Pop-ups are automatic appearances that come on the computer screen without your prior permission. Their size varies but they do not generally cover the complete screen. There are pop-ups that open above the Firefox window and some appear underneath. These are also called pop-unders.
Firefox permits controlling of pop-ups and pop-unders by the help of control panel located in the options Window. You can turn on the Pop-up blocking by default and thus the worry is over. When blocking pop-up, Firefox shows the information bar as well as the icon that is in the location bar. 24*7 online tech support for browser popups is also available if required. You can click the options button in info bar or icon in location bar. By this, there will be the appearance of the menu with choices mentioned below:
·        Allowing and blocking of the pop-ups for this site
·        Editing the pop-up blocker options
·        Do not display messages during pop-ups blocking
·        Display the blocked pop up
Blocking of pop-ups can have the impact on certain sites
There are certain sites, that include some banking sites, make use of the pop-ups for crucial features. When you block all the pop-ups, such features are disabled. If you are interested in permitting certain websites for the use of pop-ups while blocking the others, you can add these particular websites to the allowed sites list. For any kind of confusion regarding this, technical support and help for popup is an option.
Pop-up blocking- does not work always
Firefox blocks many pop-ups but there are certain sites that display pop-ups by the help of uncovered methods despite the fact that they are blocked.
Pop-up blocker settings
You shall tap on the main menu and choose options. Select the control panel and in control panel, right below pop-ups, you can uncheck box located by the side of Block pop-up windows and by this, can disable the pop-up blocker completely. When you tap on the Exceptions, the dialog box will open and the sites shall be displayed for which you are interested for display of the pop ups.
Some of the choices the dialog box offers you are:
·        You can mention the websites for which you permit opening of the pop-ups. You shall have to type the exact address of the site and after this, click Allow.
·        You shall get three options. Allow, remove site & remove all sites.
The blocking issue- it is not getting blocked
You can be in doubt that the un-blocked pop-up is coming from Firefox but actually the case may not be this. From the appearance of the Window, can determine from where exactly the pop up is coming.

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